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DIY flower project: floral ice punch bowl

Summer festivities call for FLOWERS! (Well, in my book anyway!) Here's a simple way to add a whole lot of botanical beauty to your party and really impress your guests. I made this floral ice punch bowl for my birthday and it was a hit! I'm planning on making it again and I learned some lessons to adjust for the second time around, which I'll share below. Floral Ice Punch Bowl Materials: flowers - I recommend edible ones since they will become exposed as the ice melts. You can find edible flower petals at your local grocery store in the fresh herbs section or you can forage for your own using this handy guide.  two large bowls - One should be...

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DIY flower project: edible flower ice cubes

As you plan for your warm weather events--spring flings, backyard barbecues and the like--consider adding a little floral fun to your party drinks! This quick and easy tutorial will leave your guests impressed by nature ;) I made these edible flower ice cubes for my backyard birthday party and they were a huge hit! They only took a bit of preparation and added so much to all of the drinks my guests enjoyed. After all, who doesn't love a little botanical pick me up? Edible Flower Ice Cubes Materials: edible flowers -- You can usually find a selection of edible flowers at your local grocery store in the herbs section. If you want to harvest your own, click here for a list...

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flower DIY project: pressed flower luminaries

The natural world has always been a source of calm and creativity throughout my life. As a child, my siblings and I would spend hours exploring the outdoors, including a real-life batcave! Years later as a teacher, my kindergarten students and I spent months creating elaborate fairy dwellings using natural found objects. Now, in my current life’s passion, I spend my days fawning over pressed flowers and leaves to create my natural jewelry designs. Running a business is not always relaxing, so in moments of stress and busyness, I continue to find ease and joy in the natural world around me--quite literally, stopping to smell the flowers. I think it’s safe to say that nature is my self-care muse! As...

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