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frequently asked questions

 What metal do you use?

All metal findings are made of hypoallergenic copper, with no nickel and no lead. We use copper as the metal that best complements the natural tones in the flower petals and leaves. Copper is also antimicrobial and known to have significant health benefits, including inflammation relief.

Will copper turn my skin green?

Like sterling silver, copper oxidizes--or darkens--with wear as it's exposed to sweat and skin oils. This process can leave a green mark on some people's skin. It's a natural (and completely safe) effect and easily washes off. For darker oxidized jewelry, you can use metal jewelry cleaner--I recommend these cloths.

Are the petals/leaves durable?

Yes. The plant materials are sealed in a thin, durable plastic once they are completely pressed and dried, and theneach petal/leaf is carefully cut by hand so all edges are sealed properly. They are waterproof and can be easily cleaned by running under cool water or polishing with a microfiber cloth, like that from your sunglasses.

Will the color fade?

We do not use any artificial dyes or preservatives, so while the petals/leaves are completely dried and the color is set, slight fading is natural over long periods of time. 
**Store your jewelry out of direct light when not being worn--a box or a drawer are perfect!**