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truly unique registry gifts + modern online registries

Traditional wedding registries can be limiting and dated in their offerings for modern couples. Using big box stores' registries can be convenient, but they limit what you can request as a gift to a fraction of what's out there. For instance, you can't include anything that's truly unique, like products from handmade makers and independent designers.

As a handmade artist, I've run into this challenge. Couples regularly reach out to me about including my bouquet preservation package on their registry, which is nearly impossible using the traditional registry route.

Luckily, there are so many new options in the way of registries, so I'm excited to talk about both unique registry gifts AND modern online registry options in this blog post.

Truly Unique Registry Gifts + Modern Online Registries

unique registry gifts

  • The couple that plays together, stays together | Interactive classes, like cooking, dancing, or crafting, are a great way to start your wedded life off with some fun and a bit of learning.
  • For the busy foodies | A CSA box from your local farm or a meal subscription service might be just what you've been missing. Let your loved ones help keep you nourished while keeping your sanity in a busy world.
  • Custom wedding keepsakes | Keep your wedding memories alive with IMPRESSED by nature's Wedding Bouquet Preservation Package. We will work with you to press your wedding flowers and create custom accessories to commemorate your wedding day. These also make great gifts for family members, plus we offer men's accessories!
  • A year of... | Subscription boxes are all the rage. From shaving clubs to self-care boxes, there really is something for everyone. This can be a great gift that keeps on giving! Not surprisingly, my favorite is A Year of Flowers from Farmgirl Flowers. Check out subscription box websites like Cratejoy to see what suits you.

modern online registries

There are a lot of registry options out there, here are some that work with your unique interests.

  • SimpleRegistry | Curate a registry filled with all the things you want! You can literally add any product from any website, plus you can create your own items. Your guests contribute towards the items on your registry and you get the money all in one place to allocate whenever you're ready.
  • Zola | Zola makes it super easy to create a registry from any online store using a simple add-on button for your browser, so you don't even have to copy and paste the URLs. If you're not sure where to start, you can also browse their eclectic mix of gift items from both large and small brands. For each item, you can decide to receive the gift in the cash equivalent or have your guests purchase the item directly from the website.
  • Etsy | The handmade marketplace offers an easy registry option to collect your gifts from artisans all over the world.
  • UGallery | Start or add to your art collection using this unique registry designed to connect newlyweds with original art.

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