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2018 before + after: wedding flowers transformed into jewelry

One of the most rewarding aspects of my business is working with newlywed couples to preserve their wedding flowers and create botanical accessories to memorialize their special day. I’ve worked with dozens of brides in this way and each jewelry collection is so unique, so I’m beyond excited to share a handful of them with you here! Special thanks to the couples who generously shared their weddings and photos.



August in Baltimore, Maryland

Amy, along with the help of her family, took full advantage of her late summer wedding and grew her own wedding flowers--isn't that amazing?! We preserved over a dozen varieties of flowers from her bouquet, including zinnias, queen anne's lace, river oats, daisies, and sunflowers; and created a custom set of accessories that truly represent the diversity of her botanicals.

Two mixed petal necklaces with sunflowers, zinnias, river oats, queen anne's lace & more!
Florals homegrown by Amy & Family | Bouquet Photo by Living Radiant Photography

I've gotten lots of compliments on the jewelry, and everyone loves that it was made from my wedding bouquet flowers! — Amy



October in Oakland, California

Emily celebrated her wedding at the beautiful Temescal Beach House in Oakland during the warm Bay Area autumn. Since she's local, Emily dropped off her flowers to IMPRESSED by nature headquarters at Makers Workspace a couple days after her wedding, and I took care of pressing them, including mint, sage, tulips, thistle, sunflowers, and white, purple and pink roses. When we started discussing her jewelry, Emily was clear that she wanted to create pieces for her bridesmaids to commemorate the day with them, so we made a special pair of earrings for each one!

A set of bridesmaids' earrings with sage, rose, and mint.
Florals by Fleurish CA | Bouquet photo by Andrew Hawley

I absolutely recommend working with Kyla to preserve your wedding flowers- perfect gifts for friends and family (and yourself!) to remind you of the joy the flowers brought you on your special day. — Emily



October in Brookfield, Connecticut

Amanda enlisted a variety of flowers with warm autumn tones to complement her New England wedding at The Candlewood Inn. Together we preserved eucalyptus, hydrangeas, roses, daisies, protea leaves, ranunculus, and amaranth. Amanda was inspired by Amy's mixed petal necklaces (above), so we created a similar piece with her unique botanicals.

A set of necklaces for Amanda and her loved ones with eucalyptus, ranunculus, roses, hydrangeas, dahlias, and daisies!
Florals by Flowers By Danielle | Bouquet Photo by Tim Nosenzo

[Kyla] made both the flower pressing and jewelry design process incredibly simple. We designed six necklaces using designs from her online shop: four for myself and two for family members. Each piece came out great! — Amanda



July in Finger Lakes, New York

Katie's mid-summer wedding in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York featured a gorgeous bouquet of pinks and purples. We created a set of earrings for her loved ones using delphinium, clematis, and rose petals, plus we made a silver tie clip for Katie's husband.

A set of earrings with delphinium, clematis, rose & more!
Florals by Flowerwell | Bouquet Photo by Alexandra Meseke



August in San Rafael, California

Katie of Flower Mama, Jackie's friend and florist, reached out to preserve her friend's wedding flowers and make some keepsake jewelry pieces. Not only did Katie create traditional bouquets, she also designed and built a breathtaking arch installation for the summer ceremony at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin. Many of the flowers we pressed, including peonies, daisies, dahlias, zinnias, snow on the mountain, delphinium, queen anne's lace, and lisianthus, came from this piece. It was a fun flip to work with the florist rather than the couple to create pieces this time around!

A set of earrings with dahlias, snow on the mountain, lisianthus, and queen anne's lace.
Florals by Flower Mama | Arch Installation Photo by Sylvia Vizcaino

I would absolutely 100% recommend Kyla for her service to provide you with incredibly unique, beautiful, and timeless jewelry pieces as a way to preserve your wedding flowers. — Katie



November in Orlando, Florida

Nicole's Disney World wedding featured an entirely red bouquet of anemones. Her bouquet included other Disney elements, including adorable Mickey Bar floral pins from Enchanted Sweet Spot. It was fun creating unique pieces with a single color palette for a change!

A set of two necklaces and clip-on drop earrings with anemones and hydrangeas.
Florals by Elizabeth Davis from Disney Floral and Gifts | Bouquet Photo by Disney Fine Art Photography

I was so thrilled when I found Kyla's work! I will be buying this as a gift for future brides and would recommend her to anyone. — Nicole

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